September 3, 2019 edition of Agri-News

Articles on bacterial pod spot, frost and nitrate accumulation, to buy feed or custom feed, horticulture checklist and more.

Services and information

A look at pest surveillance and the role it plays in international trade.

With harvest in full swing in some parts of the province, farmers need to be aware of the risks associated with worker fatigue.

A comparison between purchasing feed or moving cows to a custom operator to feed and care for them.

Nitrate accumulation can become a problem when crops experience light frosts of -1 C to -2 C for even only a few hours during the night.

Yellowfeed could be a solution when producers are concerned with weathering losses of the annual forage cut and drying in the swath.

Robert Spencer, commercial horticulture specialist at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre, has published a “to do” list for the month of September.