18A(18A) Sexual Content


Drama. After they accidentally shooting a police officer during their first date, a couple (Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith) end up on the run together.

Content elements

  • Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations, some in a sexual or aggressive context; frequent use of scatological slang and vulgar expressions; infrequent use of cursing and profanity
  • Frequent portrayals of gun and hand-to-hand violence – some blood and detail
  • Portrayal of sexual activity – breast and buttock nudity, detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of alcohol and tobacco use in a recreational context

Thematic elements

  • Cycles of violence
  • Community, belonging, and identity
  • Race and power

Classification rationale

Rated 18A for detailed sexual content

Classification date

October 16, 2019