14A(14A) Coarse Language, Nudity


Documentary. Friends, colleagues, and family discuss the life of actor Anton Yelchin, who, despite suffering from cystic fibrosis, managed to act in over 60 films before his death in 2016.

Content elements

  • Frequent use of the sexual expletive in a non-sexual context; infrequent use of scatological slang, cursing, profanity, and vulgar expressions
  • Infrequent references to sexual activity and use of crude sexual language – little detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of gun violence in a documentary context – no blood, little detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of sexually suggestive scenes – breast nudity, little detail
  • Infrequent breast and buttock nudity in a non-sexual context
  • Infrequent depictions of tobacco use and references to illegal drug use

Thematic elements

  • Dedication to art
  • The artistic temperament
  • Overcoming adversity

Classification rationale

Rated 14A for coarse language, nudity, and some sexual content in a documentary context

Classification date

September 06, 2019