14A(14A) Frightening Scenes


Horror. Based on the series by Alvin Schwartz. In a small town in 1968, a high-school senior (Zoe Margaret Colletti) and her friends (Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur) start experiencing strange things after discovering a mysterious journal containing stories that appear to come true.

Content elements

  • Infrequent use of scatological slang, profanity, cursing, vulgar expressions, and ethno-cultural slurs
  • Infrequent portrayals of hand-to-hand and weapons violence in a horror context - little blood, some detail
  • Frequent portrayals of nightmarish imagery, transformations, and frightening scenes - no blood, some detail

Thematic elements

  • Uncovering the truth
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Friendship and belonging

Classification rationale

Rated 14A for frightening scenes in a genre context

Classification date

July 29, 2019