Rural Issues: Who Should I Contact

Alberta Energy

  • leasing of Crown minerals
  • royalties
  • legislative and policy management
  • freehold mineral taxation

Edmonton: 780-427-8050
Calgary: 403-297-8955

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

  • provincial regulator for oil, gas and pipelines
  • landowner statements of concern
  • notification
  • suspension and abandonment
  • reclamation and remediation
  • compliance issues
  • incident reporting
  • water licences
  • permits for seismic/geophysical
  • liability management

Phone: 1-855-297-8311
24 Hour Emergency: 1-800-222-6514
Email: [email protected]

Alberta Environment and Parks

  • environmental standards for renewable energy
  • reclamation requirements for renewable energy
  • Water Act complaints

General Information: 310-3773
24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 1-800-222-6514
Email: [email protected]

Alberta Labour and Immigration

  • land agents licensing
  • land agents code of conduct and complaints

Phone: 780-415-4600

Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)

  • regulates terms and conditions for utilities and transmission development
  • stakeholder
  • engagement for utilities developments
  • renewables
  • consumer complaints
  • legislative compliance

Phone: 403-592-UTIL (8845) or 780-427-4903 Customer Relations
Email: [email protected]

Farmers’ Advocate Office

  • advisory and resource agency for landowners
  • information on legislation and policy relating to
  • energy, utilities, and renewable energy
  • negotiating surface leases and right of way agreements
  • mediation and dispute resolution
  • understanding processes for rural concerns
  • farm implement
  • warranty issues
  • nuisance complaints under the Agricultural Operation Practices Act
  • Water Well
  • Replacement or Restoration Program (WWRRP)

Phone: 310-FARM (3276)
Email: [email protected]

Federation of Gas Co-ops

  • location of utilities map
  • dispute resolution within co-ops
  • rates
  • governance of a gas co-op

Phone: 780-416-6543
Email: [email protected]

Federation of Rural Electrification Associations (AFREA)

  • dispute resolution within rural electrification associations
  • rates
  • governance of an REA

Phone: 780-417-3396
Freehold Owners’ Association (FHOA)

  • advisory agency for mineral owners negotiating agreements

Phone: 403-245-4438
Local County

  • weed issues
  • transportation and road use issues
  • dust concerns

National Energy Board (NEB)

  • regulates inter-provincial pipelines and transmission lines under federal jurisdiction

Phone: 1-800-899-1265 or 403-292-5503

Ombudsman of Alberta

  • review of alleged unfair treatment by provincial authorities and, as of April 2018, municipalities

Phone: 780-427-2756
Email: [email protected]

Orphan Well Association (OWA)

  • abandonment and reclamation of upstream wells, pipelines, facilities and associated sites for which there is no responsible party

Phone: 403-297-6416

Property Rights Advocate

  • property rights information
  • annual report to legislature with recommendations on property rights

Phone: 780-638-3265
Email: [email protected]

Surface Rights Board (SRB)

  • rights of entry
  • disputes on compensation
  • anniversary rental reviews
  • off right-of-way damages
  • unpaid annual rentals

Phone: 780-427-2444
Email: [email protected]

Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA)

  • concerns about utility bills and rates
  • advice on natural gas and electricity
  • advocating for consumer
  • interests

Phone: 310-4UCA (4822)
Email: [email protected]

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