Design Exception Summaries

Last Updated August 02, 2017

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(List of all current Design Exception Summaries)

Highway Name Region Project Title Memorandum Date
Hwy 1:06/08 at Hwy 22:14/16 Southern Hwy 1:06/08 at Hwy 22:14/16 Interchange Mar/14/2018
Hwy 43:20 North Central Hwy 43:20, Highway Intersection Improvements Jun/16/2017
Hwy 43:20/22 North Central Hwy 43:20/22, Highway Rehabilitation and Intersection Improvements Feb/15/2017
Hwy 657:04 North Central Hwy 657:04, Muriel View Drive Intersection Treatment Oct/25/2016
Hwy 813 North Central Hwy 813 Over Athabasca River (BF 09905) Feb/16/2016
Hwy 21:28 North Central Hwy 21:28-CPR Overpass (BF 79441) June/18/2015
Hwy 2A & Dunbow Rd. Southern Hwy 2A & Dunbow Rd. Intersection-Improvement and Signalization Feb/09/15
Hwy 16:20 / Hwy 824:02 North Central Hwy 16:20 EB Overlay – Hwy 824:02 EB on-ramp width Nov/18/2014
Hwy 825:02 North Central Hwy 825:02 – Grade Widening, Asphalt Concrete Pavement (EPS) and Other Works Sept/16/2014
Hwy 2A:26 North Central Highway 2A26 Design Speed Reduction June/09/2014
Hwy 2A:26 Leduc North Central Hwy 2A Realignment Functional Planning Study Update - Leduc May/09/2014
Hwy 56:14 Central Highway 56:14 Improvement May/07/2014
Hwy 813:02 North Central New Bridge Construction & Realignment of Hwy 813 Feb/11/2014
Hwy 63:06/08 Ft. McMurray Hwy 63:06/08, S. of Marians Lake to N. of Mariana Lake Jan/16/2014
Hwy 37:04 North Central Existing Nelson Road Intersection Jan/14/2014
Hwy 2:15 Southern 212 Ave (Cranston Gate) Interchange, Loop Ramp July/18/2013
Hwy 37:04 North Central Existing WB Truck Climbing Lane, Km. 3.64 to Km. 5.125 July/05/2013
Hwy 47:06 North Central South Robb Intersection, Km. 6.94, Intersection Sight Distance July/05/2013
Hwy 37:04 North Central Sturgeon River Bridge (BF 676), Km. 5.74 June/12/2013
Hwy 2A:14 Central Hwy 27 & 47 St., Reconstruction/Widening May/01/2013
Hwy 6:04 Southern Over Kettles Creek, Change Posted Speed, South of Limits of Pincher Creek Apr/02/2013
Hwy 2:12 Southern 498th Avenue Interchange, High River, Bridge Width and Delineation. Jan/09/2013
Hwy 627:02 North Central Hwy. 770 to W of Hwy. 779, Pavement Width below 3R/4R Guidelines. Jan/08/2013
Hwy 63:11/Hwy 63:12 Ft. McMurray Hwy 686 Interchanges, 35m High Mast Lighting Poles. Dec/21/2012
Hwy 59:02/Hwy 723:02 Peace Intersection Type, Hwy 59:02/Hwy 723:02/Rge Rd. 100 km 21.349, Valhalla Centre Dec/18/2012
Hwy 2:20 Central Hwy 2:20, High Tension Cable Barrier (HTCB) In Depressed Median, Various Locations Oct/24/2012
Hwy 2:12 Southern Hwy 2/498th Avenue Interchange, High River, 24m Davit Poles to Illuminate Interchange Sept/14/2012
Hwy 88:12 Peace New Construction, Proposed Vertical Alignment at Existing Bridge File (BF) Location Sept/07/2012
Hwy 630:02 North Central Road Width and Median Curb Height Sept/04/2012
Hwy 43:06 Peace Intersection Spacing, Hwy 43:06 Proposed Intersection at km 29.930 Aug/27/2012
Hwy 43:08 Peace Barrier Curb in the Town of Valleyview, Hwy 49 to South of Hwy 665 Aug/24/2012
Hwy 40:32 Peace Proposed Horizontal Alignment Aug/20/2012
Hwy 2:12 Southern Hwy 2/498th Avenue Interchange, High River, Southbound Entrance Ramp Aug/15/2012
Hwy 24:02 Southern Hwy 24:04/Hwy 817:02 Accommodations for Oversize Vehicles at Roundabout and Reclassification of Existing Highway 24:04 Aug/10/2012
Hwy 2:36 North Central Cardiff Road Interchange - 101 Street Roundabout, Design Vehicle June/26/2012
Hwy 628:04 North Central Intersection Improvement, Approach Sideslopes June/13/2012
Hwy 59:02/ Hwy 723:02 Peace Access Management, Hwy 59 & Hwy 723 Intersection Improvement May/01/2012
Hwy 14:06 North Central Intersection Improvements at Hwy 824:02, South Cooking Lake/RR 221 and RR 220 Apr/27/2012
Hwy 668:02 Peace East of Hwy 40. Pavement Width below 3R/4R Guidelines Apr/20/2012
Hwy 2 & Hwy 587 Central Hwy 2 & Hwy 587 Bowden Interchange Feb/02/2012
Hwy 2:20/ Hwy 27:06 Central Accommodations for Reactor Transporter at Roundabout Nov/14/2011
Hwy 216:02/ Hwy 216:18 North Central Use of Roundabouts on the NEAHD Design-Build-Finance-Operate Project Sept/27/2011
Hwy 32:08/10 North Central Intersection Sight Distance at Field Access, South of Mahaska Creek to Croat Creek Sept/19/2011
Hwy 2:15 Southern Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail Interchange, Proposed R50 for EB-NB Loop Ramp for a Design Speed of 40km/h Jun/16/2011
Hwy 2:15 Southern Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail Interchange, Use of Normal Crown on Horizontal Crown with R4000 and Design Speed of 110km/h Jun/16/2011
Hwy 2:15 Southern Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail Interchange, Applying the City of Calgary's Cross-Section Standards Jun/16/2011
Hwy 2:15 Southern Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Trail Interchange, Crest K-Value of 60 and Design Speed of 110km/h for Deerfoot Trail Overpass Jun/16/2011
Hwy 22:14 Southern Bridge Replacement/ Widening, Intersection Treatments, Climbing Lanes Jun/15/2011
Hwy 10:08 Central Intersection Improvement, Type IIa vs. Type IIIa and Left Turn Lane on Centerline May/25/2011
Hwy 774:02 Southern Gravel Road to Paved Local Road Upgrade, Castle Mountain Resort to South of Castle River May/18/2011
Hwy 63:11/12 North Central Signalized Triple Left Turn Intersection Design for Stage 1 Interchange May/12/2011
Hwy 779:02 North Central Left Turn Lane for Southbound Traffic, Non-Standard Left Turn Lane Length vs. New Construction Design Standards May/09/2011
Hwy 22:16 Central Climbing Lane, North of Highway 759 to South of Cremona Apr/28/2011
Hwy 2:60 Peace New Log Haul Intersection Treatment Apr/13/2011
Hwy 43:06 Peace Intersection Spacing, Highway 43:06 Proposed Intersection at KM17.213 Jul/28/2010
Hwy 43:06 Peace Intersection Spacing, Highway 43:06 Proposed Intersection at KM17.213 Jul/22/2010
Hwy 40:24 North Central Vertical Alignment, North of Lovett River to Highway 47, 3R/4R Design Standards vs. New Construction Design Standards Apr/16/2010
Hwy 63:12 North Central Parson's Creek Aggregate Intersection Improvements Apr/15/2010
Hwy 216:06 North Central Barrier Design, Anthony Henday Drive and Cameron Heights Drive Interchange Apr/14/2010
Hwy 661:02 North Central Gravel Road to Paved Road Upgrade Mar/29/2010
Hwy 22:30 North Central Climbing Lanes, North Saskatchewan River Bridge Replacement and Associated Highway Upgrades Mar/02/2010
Hwy 40:26 North Central Alignment Study - Maximum Allowable Gradient Jan/04/2010