Law and justice

Crime, law enforcement and the province's justice system, legal representation and documents and your rights as an Albertan.


Judges, lawyers and justices of the peace, complaints and fee reviews, and how Alberta’s justice system works.

Find career opportunities for corrections, law enforcement, security and legal professionals.

Information on corrections, crime prevention and law enforcement programs that help keep Albertans safe.

See and use dashboards showing graphs for Criminal Code violations and Crime Severity Indexes in Alberta compared to the rest of Canada.

The board holds disposition hearings for accused found unfit to stand trial or not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder.

Striving for just and timely outcomes for the accused, victims and the public in criminal offences.

Traffic fine payment and fine enforcement.

Legal assistance, mediation, family law assistance, restraining orders, Alberta courts, and court procedures, notices, filings and appeals.

Make a complaint about a security or locksmith service, or your treatment during the criminal justice process.

Help for victims of crime and supports for victim services providers.