During sessions held in Alberta over the past few years, shippers, travellers, communities and other stakeholders have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current federal airline policies. This has been the case with both domestic restructuring and Canada's international policy.

The following initial comments reflect what stakeholders have told us about the need to get out in front of most other countries and aggressively liberalize Canada's international air policy and procedures. Without significant changes, the Canadian economy will not have the international air services it needs to maximize its potential in tourism, manufacturing and other sectors, during this era of intensive globalization.

These comments have been prepared in response to Transport Canada's Review of 'International Scheduled Air Services Policy Issues for Discussion paper', circulated on February 7, 2001. Transport Canada states its objective as "seeking the views of Canadian stakeholders on how Canada's policy for international scheduled air services should be liberalized" (Issues for Discussion, p.2). Additionally, Transport Canada has just initiated a review of air transportation as it relates to the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

Review of Canada's Policy for International Scheduled Air Services: Initial Comments in Response to Transport Canada's February 2001 Issues for Discussion Paper