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Resource Data Product Catalogue

Access select digital natural resource and ecological geospatial and non-geospatial datasets.

Content on this page is now in the GeoDiscover Alberta portal. Use keywords in the Data Search tab to search for your data. For more details about the datasets you find in the portal, select a record and review the complete geospatial metadata provided. Records are available in 2 metadata formats in the portal. To learn more about the ordering instructions for a dataset, click the 'Distribution Information' link at the top of the record or search 'Ordering Instructions'.

Content from this page that were other maps or websites are now available under the Resources tab from the 'More Content' link.


Alberta Environment and Parks distribute select natural resource and ecological based digital geospatial and non-geospatial data sets.

The following products are now available through GeoDiscover Alberta:

  • Alberta Human Footprint Monitoring Program (AHFMP) – Footprint Sublayers (land use)
  • Base Watersheds (hydrological)
  • Wet Areas Mapping (hydrological)
  • Alberta Merged Wetland Inventory (biophysical)
  • Ecological Land Classification (ELC) (biophysical)
  • Alberta Satellite Land Cover (biophysical)
  • Fish and Wildlife Management Information System (FWMIS) – Hydrology Arcs and Polygons(hydrological)
  • Peat Application Area (land use)
  • Alberta ArcHydro Phase 2 (hydrological)
  • Alberta Ground Cover Classification Mosaic (biophysical)
  • Physical Land Classification (PLC) (biophysical)
  • Alberta Land Inventory (ALI) and Canada Land Inventory (CLI) Landform (biophysical)
  • Primary Land and Vegetation Inventory (PLVI) (biophysical)
  • Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) Crown and AVI Post Inventory Cutblocks
  • Lotic Riparian – Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Derived (biophysical)
  • Lotic Riparian – Strahler Order Derived
  • Oil Sands Industrial Features
  • ECOSYS – Alberta Ecological Site Information System (formerly known as ESIS) (biophysical)
  • Hydrologic Unit Code Watersheds of Alberta (hydrological)

Requesting digital resource products

Review the product descriptions for each resource data product before you place an order. While many of the resource products found in this catalogue are available from the Provincial Geospatial Centre, other products may be distributed through other Alberta government ministries or by third party vendors such as Altalis Ltd. You will be directed to the appropriate site for information on how to acquire these products.

Provincial Base – Mapping Data

The distribution of Provincial Base – Mapping Data to the public is provided by Altalis Ltd., distributing agent for the Alberta Data Partnerships Ltd. (formerly Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd.) on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

Non-Exclusive Mapping Data products are available from Altalis Ltd. under the Province of Alberta's Open Government Licence.

The Open Government Licence data sets include:

  • 1:20 000 Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data
  • 1:20 000 Topographic Mapping Data
  • Alberta Township System (ATS) Data
  • Base Features Mapping Data
  • Medium/Small Scale Mapping Data
  • Municipal Boundary Data

Other Mapping Data products, not included in the Open Government Licence, are available for purchase from Altalis Ltd.:

  • Cadastral Mapping Data
  • Dispositions (DIDs)
  • Titles Mapping Data

Additional resource products

Open Government

Many other geospatial data and related products are offered by other Government of Alberta ministries. The Open Government portal offers a discovery service to search for these products.

Air photo products

Air Photo Distribution makes available aerial photographs that have been taken for the provincial government from 1949 to 2012.

To search and order air photo products, see Air photos.

Map products

To search for map products created by Alberta Environment and Parks that are available for direct download under the Open Government Licence – Alberta, see Natural resource geo-spatial data maps – Overview.