Project title

The proposal should be between one to three pages long.


In two or three sentences, summarize the overall objectives and any secondary objectives of this project as they relate to the department's businesses.


Provide two or three paragraphs describing briefly the needs or issues that have driven this initiative, a chronological order of relevant events leading up to, and any past department involvement in similar undertakings. Where applicable, identify any specific user groups for which this research is intended. The last paragraph should explain how this proposal will impact on the identified concerns and/or any "target group."

Work plan

This is the main body of the proposal where the proponent describes in some details how the project will proceed:

The who's - consultants or vendors if known, department staff;

The what's - known products or solutions to be implemented;

The how's - preparation work, methodologies and analytical/evaluation procedures;

(In some cases, the evaluation procedures may be the most prominent aspect of the Work Plan and should be presented in greater details.)

The where's - site specific references;

The when's - duration of the project, a general time table of project milestones.


What products or outputs will be generated from the project, including any interim and final reports? Are there any technology transfer materials that may result from the project's conclusion such as presentational or instructional materials? Any potential changes in the department's standards of practice or product specifications?

Costs and funding

Capture all capital and service costs, one-time and operational costs, known and estimated amounts into a major component cost breakdown. If appropriate, compare the costs to implement this project (which could be a pilot or prototype) to the costs for across-the-board implementation. State clearly the total funding needed today to launch the project, separate from any future sustaining funds required. List all sources of funding, including potential ones and in-kind contributions. What proportion of the funding will be the department's? Use a table to supplement the explanation as needed.


Identify and quantify all potential benefits that will flow from the project. Provide any known monetary values. Intangible benefits such as enhanced safety should also be included.


Identify and quantify all "performance indicators" that will be used to evaluate the success of the project. Explain the expected trend of these indicators as affected by the project.


If needed, this will list in greater details (than in the Workplan) who will represent what organization and perform what functions. Identify any committees that will be formed as part of the project.


Print the proponent's name, his/her manager's name, branch and division, contact phone number. Signatures by the proponent and his/her manager are required.

updated February 29, 2000