The Renewable Electricity Act outlines Alberta’s commitment to increasing the amount of green energy produced in the province, including a legislated target of 30% renewable electricity by 2030.  To get there, the province plans to add 5,000 megawatts of renewable electricity through the Renewable Electricity Program (REP).

Other initiatives, such as community generation, will also help the province reach this target. These projects are enabled by the Small Scale Generation Regulation under the Electric Utilities Act.

Tracking Progress

Setting interim targets to track progress is required under the Renewable Electricity Act. In 2018, about 10% of Alberta’s electricity was generated from renewable sources. In February 2019, the Minister of Energy established interim targets by Ministerial Order (PDF, 215 KB).

  • 15% by 2022
  • 20% by 2025
  • 26% by 2028

These percentage targets were developed with consideration of the Alberta Electric System Operator’s long-term outlook for the electricity system, the feasibility of when REP projects can come online and timing of market events such as the phasing out of coal, coal-to-gas conversions, new infrastructure, and advances in technology.

Making Progress

Through three successful rounds of the Renewable Electricity Program, the province has secured 1,360 megawatts toward reaching its 5,000 megawatt goal.


To connect with the Electricity and Sustainable Energy Division, Alberta Energy:

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