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Relocating after flooding

Information on relocating a home after flooding, including available compensation.

If your house is unsafe to live in, please look for other accommodations. If you need to relocate your home, you can relocate anywhere you choose.

The Government of Alberta may help communities to establish new, serviced subdivisions to accommodate land swaps in places like High River, where 80 per cent of the town flooded.


Homeowners living within a floodway may be eligible for relocation compensation through the Floodway Relocation Program. Compensation is 100 per cent of your last municipal property tax assessed value.

To receive this compensation, apply for the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) and indicate that you live in a floodway.

If you have already applied for the Disaster Recovery Program, phone 1-888-671-1111, provide the file number from your original application and your application will be updated.

Submitting an application is not obligating the property owner to sell their home. A formal agreement to sell will be required.

The deadline to apply for funding is August 30, 2014.


If you disagree with the amount of funding given to you, you can appeal through the DRP.

You will have a minimum of 30 days after receiving the final decision on your assessment to apply for a relocation payment.

DRP Instructions for Filing an Application for Review (PDF, 1 page)