“Each November, Alberta recognizes Family Violence Prevention Month to identify family violence and support those affected by it. Families are the basic units of society and violence has deep and lasting negative impacts on family members and the larger community.  

“Awareness and understanding are key to bringing change. This month provides an opportunity to start conversations about healthy relationships, learn the early warning signs of abuse, and understand how we can support our friends, family and peers to put an end to family violence in Alberta. 

“No Albertan is immune to the impacts of family violence. Supports are available to help Albertans learn where to turn if you or someone you know is at risk. Using the hashtag #WhereToTurn is one way to find information on social media. Anyone in need can get connected to supports closest to them 24-7 in more than 170 languages by contacting the Family Violence Info Line by text or phone at 310-1818 or online at alberta.ca/SafetyChat.

“This month we encourage all Albertans to learn what they can do to support those at risk of or experiencing family violence, and we urge all Albertans to learn about the role they can have in helping to end family violence.”