“May 7 is National Child and Youth Mental Health Day.

“Everyone has a role in supporting the mental health and well-being of young people in Alberta.

“Children and youth are resilient, and that resiliency needs to be developed and nurtured. One of the best things we can do is make time to talk with and listen to the young people in our lives and support them to build resilience and improve their mental health.

“For some young people, improving their mental health can be as simple as taking small steps towards wellness like being active, eating healthy, getting enough sleep or building healthy social connections.

“For others, improving their mental health can be a challenge that requires a community of support.

“To anyone who may need more support, Alberta’s government provides funding for many initiatives that support improved mental health. This includes resources that young people can access, such as Kids Help Phone. It also includes resources for caregivers, families and professionals on supporting children and youth with mental health concerns that can be found by contacting 211 Alberta.

“Today and every day is an opportunity for us all to support the children and youth in our lives to build their resiliency and improve their mental health.”