“About 55,000 Canadians of all ages are living with a brain tumour – a growth of abnormal cells in or around the brain. This Brain Tumour Awareness Month, my thoughts are with Albertans living with a brain tumour, and their families and caregivers. Such a diagnosis can be difficult and overwhelming, and change a person’s life in an instant.

Symptoms of a brain tumour will vary from person to person and can come on suddenly or over time. There are more than 120 types of brain tumours, which can make finding an effective treatment difficult. While many associate brain tumours with cancer, about two-thirds have another cause, which can complicate the diagnosis process. Common treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are often aggressive, adding to the physical and emotional toll on patients and families.

“Fortunately, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and Alberta’s neurosurgeons and neurologists continue to do tremendous work in advancing the treatment and care options available to Albertans living with brain tumours.

“If you or a loved one is living with a brain tumour, or you care for someone who is, reach out to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada by calling 1-800-265-5106 or though their new app, which provides information, resources and a chat line to share and receive support.”