“May 2 marks the second annual Bus Driver Appreciation Day in Alberta.

“School bus drivers play such a key role in the lives of our children.

“They have the tremendous responsibility of transporting 300,000 students safely to and from school every day and taking thousands of others around the province on special outings.

“Ensuring the safety of our children is an utmost priority, and Alberta school bus drivers do it every day with diligence and care.

“Millions of Albertans think back fondly on their years riding the school bus. They think of that warm smile that greeted them every morning and after school, and the friendships made and conversations enjoyed along the way to school and home.

“None of this would be possible without our world-class drivers.

“I am proud to once again recognize the hard work and dedication of Alberta’s school bus drivers, who go the extra mile every day for our children.

“If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to reach out and thank the dedicated and caring school bus drivers in your life.”