“Every June, we celebrate the diverse history, languages and cultures of Indigenous Peoples. This year it is especially important that we take the time to educate ourselves and future generations. 

“This includes learning more about the Indian residential school system. Recent revelations have highlighted this dark part of Canada’s history. This sad chapter in our history has caused intergenerational trauma for far too many, and by being informed and speaking with others about it we can collectively heal and continue to work towards reconciliation. 

“While it is a difficult week for all of us, we must also take the time to focus on the positive. There are many other things you can do to understand and celebrate Indigenous culture.

“Alberta is home to more than 258,000 First Nations, Métis and Inuit people who are artists and advocates, professionals, students and Elders, all who make positive contributions in their communities and across the province.   

“Let us take the next month to connect with and learn from Indigenous people. This is the perfect time for Albertans to research the diverse stories, history and culture that has influenced and shaped Alberta. I encourage everyone to reflect on what you learn, and recognize that each person has a unique story to tell. There is a wealth of knowledge we can all learn from collectively to deepen our understanding in the spirit of respect and reconciliation.”