“I’m proud to declare September as Arthritis Awareness Month in Alberta.

“Arthritis encompasses more than 100 diseases, all of which are marked by joint inflammation.

“This joint damage causes stiffness and chronic pain for those affected, restricting their mobility and making everyday tasks challenging. This illness limits their participation in their families and communities, and can dramatically impact their quality of life.

“In our province, arthritis affects an estimated 610,000 Albertans and is the most common cause of disability, yet there is no cure. I urge you to join me in recognizing Arthritis Awareness Month by sharing information about this disease and helping others learn more.

“I also encourage you to extend your compassion and understanding to Albertans living with arthritis who deal with ongoing pain and the physical limitations imposed by this illness.

“Lastly, I ask you to support the families caring for loved ones with arthritis and sharing their struggles.”

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