"Everyone I know whose family has been blessed by a Down child says that great joy entered their lives through the loving innocence and happiness of their child or sibling.

“The great French physician, Jérôme Lejeune, who discovered the extra Down syndrome chromosome in 1959, once said that:

‘Human genetics can be summarized in this basic creed. In the beginning is the message, and the message is in life, and the message is life. And if the message is a human message, then the life is a human life.’

“At a time when unborn Down syndrome children face growing genetic discrimination, and some countries boast of ‘eliminating Down syndrome,’ let us be inspired by the words and life’s work of Dr. Lejeune.

“Thank you to the families and caregivers who gave witness to human dignity by embracing Down syndrome children with unconditional love.

“May World Down Syndrome Day be an occasion for all of us to renew a commitment to human dignity.”

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