Beginning on Sunday, Jan. 26, the 96-metre-long vessel will leave Edmonton on a one-week journey to its destination north of Fort McMurray.

The pressure vessel, called an evaporator, treats water for oilsands steam generators. The vessel is about as tall as a telephone pole and as long as a football field.


The machine will leave Edmonton using the following route:

  • Exit Dacro yard west of 93 Street to 51 Avenue
  • East on 51 Avenue to Roper Road, to 75 Street
  • South on 75 Street to 51 Avenue
  • East on 51 Avenue to 50 Street at Whitemud Drive (westbound ramp)
  • Whitemud Drive eastbound to Anthony Henday southbound
  • Highway 14 east to Highway 36; north to Highway 28
  • Highway 28 west to Highway 63
  • Highway 63 north to Highway 55; east to Highway 63
  • Highway 63 to MRM Access Road to Canterra Road, eastbound
Date Start time Origin End time Destination
Jan. 26 10 p.m. Dacro 5 a.m. Hwy 14 & 21
Jan. 28 7:30 a.m. Hwy 14 & 21 5 p.m. Two Hills
Jan. 29 7:30 a.m. Two Hills 5 p.m. Radway Visitor Info Centre
Jan. 30 7:30 a.m. Radway 5 p.m. May Tower Rest Area
Jan. 31 7:30 a.m. May Tower Rest Area 5 p.m. Fort McMurray
Feb. 1 12 a.m. Fort McMurray 6 a.m. Hwy 63 (Voyager Overpass)
Feb. 1 8 p.m. Hwy 63 (Voyager Overpass) 4 a.m. Site

Additional information

  • The equipment is about 9m wide x 11.6m high x 96m long.
  • The load will move with pilot and escort vehicles and use the entire width of the highway, including the shoulder.
  • The load will be moving below the posted speed limit and may pull over periodically. Drivers travelling behind the load will experience delays.
  • On some sections of the route, the load will be travelling against the flow of traffic, escorted by guide vehicles. Lanes will be blocked off accordingly. Drivers are reminded to watch for guide vehicles and flag people.

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