“The Festival of Lights celebrates both a miracle and survival. It’s about the Jewish fight to be free from tyranny, starting with the Maccabean victory over King Antiochus.

That struggle reaches from biblical times to the 20th century and the evils of Nazism and Communism. And it extends into the present, in the confrontation with anti-Semitism and terrorism. No matter their foes, the Jewish people have a history of overcoming mortal threats.

“Like the oil that lasted for eight days instead of one in the Temple, they endure. Like the light of the candles, their faith drives back the darkness.

“Chanukah also offers a lesson for all Albertans. Anyone can light up the world with good deeds, making it a brighter, hopeful and more righteous place.

“As families gather in the menorah’s glow to share gifts, food, prayers and songs, I wish Alberta’s Jewish community a memorable Chanukah.

“Chag urim sameach!”

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