Minister Fir’s Nov.19-21 mission to Chicago and Minneapolis will focus primarily on strengthening Alberta’s trade and attracting investment, particularly with regard to Alberta’s agriculture sector.

While in Chicago, the minister will meet with business leaders and investors to promote Alberta as the most competitive investment destination in Canada with common-sense, broad-based economic policies, including one of the lowest corporate tax rates in North America.

Illinois and Minnesota are two of Alberta’s largest export markets. In 2018, Alberta exported more than $30 billion worth of goods to Illinois, and almost $6 billion of goods to Minnesota. Chicago and Minneapolis are also home to many company headquarters with significant investments in Alberta’s agriculture sector.

The estimated cost of the mission for Minister Fir, one political staff member and one public servant is $9,500.

Itinerary for Minister Fir*

Tuesday, Nov. 19

  • Travel to Chicago.
  • Meeting with Canada’s Consulate in Chicago.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

  • Meetings with agricultural companies.
  • Meetings with financial institutions.
  • Travel to Minneapolis.

Thursday, Nov. 21

  • Meetings with Canada’s Consulate in Minneapolis.
  • Meetings with agricultural companies.

Friday, Nov. 22

  • Meetings with Minnesota state officials.
  • Reception with Minnesota state legislators.
  • Travel to Alberta.

*Subject to change.

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