“It’s an honour to join the people of Poland and Albertans of Polish heritage in celebrating National Independence Day.

“For generations, freedom was a flame that never died in Polish hearts. It survived centuries of foreign occupation and concerted efforts to suppress Polish language, culture and faith. It survived the partition of the country between the Nazis and Soviets, and the savage violence that followed as the Second World War ended. And it survived decades of Communist tyranny.

“Today, Poland has the power to shape its own destiny. That is a testament to the brave men and women who fought and suffered for freedom, and those who died for their nation.

“Alberta is linked to Poland by family ties that go back more than 100 years. The same blood flows in the veins of many of us. The same pride fills all our hearts.

“I wish the Polish people a happy National Independence Day, along with the blessings of life in the free nation their ancestors dreamed of for so long.”

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