“Through their achievements in the visual arts, design, music, fashion, literary arts, culinary arts, craft and performance of every sort, Alberta’s incredibly talented artists have brought our province’s story to their fellow Albertans and to the world.

“Whether they are local heroes or international stars, each artist began their journey at the local level, to the steady pulse of creative energy that beats in every community in our province. That energy comes from Alberta’s unique combination of heritage, diversity and community spirit.

“Culture is for everyone: it helps us to appreciate the world and our place in it. I invite Albertans to step out and enjoy the hundreds of local events on offer during Alberta Culture Days, Sept. 27-29, 2019.

“Discover a new interest, test drive a new hobby or embrace a new passion in Alberta’s galleries, theatres, libraries, studios, gardens, workshops, community centres, kitchens and places of worship. Enjoy!”

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