“We are reviewing the decision, but our initial reaction is that this narrow, split decision is far from the broad victory the federal government sought and we are glad all five justices rejected the federal government’s claim for a sweeping power to regulate GHG emissions in the provinces.

“The decision’s application to Alberta remains to be seen because, frankly, the previous NDP government under Ms. Notley was missing in action, failing to participate in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. As a result, Alberta did not contribute to the record before the court. 

“We disagree with the narrow ruling by the majority that the federal government has the power to ensure a provincial minimum price on carbon, and will be joining Saskatchewan in their appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“That said, the new government of Alberta takes our environmental responsibilities very seriously and during the election we put forward a serious plan for reducing GHG emissions. 

“We believe that our strong plan makes a federal carbon tax redundant and that a consumer-punishing retail carbon tax – whether imposed by the NDP or by Justin Trudeau ­– is the wrong way to go. It’s all economic pain and no environmental gain.”