A multi-vehicle collision has caused the closure of Highway 2 between Bowden and Crossfield in both northbound and southbound directions. This closure is expected to remain in place overnight. Vehicles are being detoured to Highway 2A. Travel is not recommended.

Please check 511 Alberta for updates on this and all other highway conditions and restrictions.

Additional information

  • Know before you go – check 511 Alberta for the latest real time road conditions.

  • Posted speed limits are the maximum intended for ideal summer driving conditions. Drivers are reminded to slow down and drive for changing conditions.

  • Rain can make roads slick, and snow can accumulate quickly and reduce visibility. Adjust your speed accordingly.

  • Clear all snow and ice from the windshield and windows before driving, and turn on headlights to activate tail lights and increase visibility.

  • Remember to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

  • Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle.

  • Please give snowplows room to work – stay back at least 10 metres to prevent collisions.

Consider postponing non-essential travel.

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