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Transportation projects keep rural seniors moving

L-R: Dr. Bonnie Dobbs, Minister Sigurdson, Dr. David Evans, Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara and Sturgeon County Mayor Alanna Hnatiw announce two new pilot projects for affordable seniors transportation in rural Alberta.

Alberta Seniors and Housing Minister Lori Sigurdson and
Dr. Bonnie Dobbs, director of the University of Alberta’s Medically At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre, announced Sturgeon Region and West Yellowhead Region will undertake the pilot projects over the next year.

The projects will test ways to provide senior-friendly transportation for those who have chosen to stop driving, or can no longer do so for medical reasons.

“I have heard from seniors in rural communities that transportation is one of their main challenges in having an active, fulfilled life. Our government heard you. These pilot projects will help regions across rural Alberta keep seniors on the move, allowing them to remain healthy and connected to their communities.”

Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

"Most seniors want to age in place, remaining in their own homes. Yet, too often, traditional transportation services are not sufficient to allow for this independence. MARD is excited to be sharing the knowledge we have gained over the last 10 years with the Sturgeon and West Yellowhead regions as they develop and put in place regional forms of alternative transportation for seniors in their areas."  

Dr. Bonnie M. Dobbs, director, Medically At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre, University of Alberta

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