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Calgary’s CrossIron Mills receives best-in-class tourism award

CrossIron Mills was among three others working in visitor services to receive AMMY awards.

The AMMYS open the annual Alberta Visitors Information Providers (AVIP) conference and honour innovation and professional excellence demonstrated by individuals and groups working in more than 100 community and regional Visitor Information Centres (VIC) across the province.

“Congratulations to the finalists and award recipients for their outstanding achievements, and for going above and beyond in providing exceptional service at Alberta Visitor Information Centres. I am extremely proud of all the work and support you provide to our visitors. Alberta's Visitor Information Centres play an important role in the province’s strategy to aggressively grow the tourism industry by 2020, diversify Alberta’s economy and create good-paying jobs.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister for Culture and Tourism

The 2016 AMMY for Visitor Service Excellence, Best in Class – Visitor Services went to CrossIron Mills for the billboard wrap on its regularly scheduled shuttle bus moving visitors between the International Airport, downtown Calgary and CrossIron Mills centre.

CrossIron Mills joined three other 2016 AMMY Best-in-Class award recipients:

Individual Excellence, Leaders in VIC Management

Jose Reineking from Banff and Lake Louise Tourism, for her mentor-leadership style and leading by example.

Individual Excellence, Travel Counselling

Janet Martin from Travel Alberta Walsh Visitor Information Centre, for directing visitors to South Eastern Alberta’s hidden gems.

Operational Excellence, Innovation

Tourism Jasper, for its mobile travel tricycle that brings visitor services to tourists and people at events and shopping areas

Each year, a different city in Alberta is chosen to host the AMMY Awards and AVIP conference. The 2016 event was held in Spruce Grove.

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