This release was issued under a previous government.

“Norman Lim Kwong, (a.k.a. the China Clipper) has carried the ball over the goal line one last time as he passed away peacefully in his sleep early this morning, Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016.

“Our father was a great man who accomplished so much in his lifetime. A genuine family man, he also had tremendous success as a professional athlete, team owner, business executive and government official. Throughout his varied life he touched so many people with his humility, intellect, dignity, unforgettable wit and sense of humour. His unique ability to connect at multiple levels with all types of people is something few people possess.

“We will all miss him dearly, but will rely on the countless beautiful memories we have of him as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and uncle. While it is incredibly difficult to say goodbye, we are comforted in knowing that he had a most blessed and fulfilled life and that our love for, and memory of, him will remain with us forever.

“The family wishes to thank all, in advance, for wishes of sympathy and condolence but requests privacy at this time until further notice.

“Further details on funeral services will follow.”