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Alberta invests $3.7 million in Thorhild water project

The Government of Alberta is making investments in water infrastructure that will create jobs and ensure clean water in communities across the province.

In Budget 2016, the Government of Alberta set aside $595 million over the next five years to help fund water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects in small towns and rural Alberta. This funding will improve access to safe, reliable water supplies and enhance environmentally-sustainable wastewater treatment, while creating hundreds of jobs in communities across the province.

The investment includes $3.7 million in funding for the County of Thorhild to complete upgrades to the local wastewater treatment system as part of the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership and Water For Life grant programs that saw increased funding by the Alberta government in Budget 2016.

“We will remain focused on investing in Alberta’s public infrastructure, so that our province continues to serve the needs of Albertans today and for generations to come. Water projects like this one improve the quality of life for Albertans in smaller communities.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and Minister of nfrastructure

The $3,760,988 grant will support the expansion of the existing lagoon and the replacement of the forcemain in the Hamlet of Thorhild. Funding is provided on a “pay-on-progress” basis.

This project will improve wastewater treatment in the area, protect the local watershed and create jobs for the local economy.

Alberta Government restores vital water and wastewater system funding

Previously reduced funding for these important grant programs meant that a number of projects were delayed in many communities. With this increased funding, delayed projects will move forward and hundreds of jobs will be created across the province.

Alberta’s Water for Life and Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership programs ensure that Albertans have access to safe, reliable water supplies and environmentally-sustainable wastewater treatment. The Alberta government cost-shares eligible projects with smaller urban and rural municipalities to help with the design and construction of municipal water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities.  

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