This release was issued under a previous government.

Residents and drivers in the Capital Region are seeing improved traffic flow as a result of the ongoing changes to highways in northeast Edmonton.

The work includes new construction, reconstructing existing interchanges at Broadmoor Boulevard, Baseline Road and Wye Road/Sherwood Park Freeway to provide increased capacity and road improvements, as well as upgrades to the 17 Street NW/Sherwood Park Freeway interchange to provide all-directional access. 

Because much of the new infrastructure is on the same alignment as the existing highway and/or roadway corridors, drivers have seen a number of traffic impacts, such as a restricted number of routes and temporary lane closures. The work is carefully staged to maintain access and to ensure the safety of workers and the travelling public. 

The following roadway sections have been completed and are operating as detours to allow for ongoing construction:

  • Sherwood Drive/Yellowhead Trail Interchange;
  • Sections of eastbound Yellowhead Trail and the connector-distributor roads and directional ramps south of Yellowhead Trail between 17 Street NW and Sherwood Drive, which are currently acting as detours for eastbound and westbound Yellowhead Trail;
  • 115 Avenue Service Road south of Yellowhead Trail, east of 17 Street NW;
  • Anthony Henday Drive northbound from Whitemud Drive to Aurum Road;
  • The major part of Northeast Anthony Henday Drive (NEAHD) and Wye Road interchange;
  • The major part of Anthony Henday Drive and Baseline Road interchange;
  • The major part of NEAHD and Aurum Road interchange;
  • The major part of NEAHD and 153 Avenue interchange;
  • 18 Street between 153 Avenue and 167 Avenue; and
  • The major part of 17 Street NW/Sherwood Park Freeway interchange.

Northeast Anthony Henday Drive is expected to be open to traffic in fall 2016. When complete, the ring road will provide 80 kilometres of free-flow traffic around the entire Capital Region.