This release was issued under a previous government.

The Alberta government is providing more than $1.7 million to help ensure residents in the Town of Mayerthorpe have access to safe drinking water and reliable water/wastewater treatment systems.

“This investment means families and businesses in Mayerthorpe will enjoy modern, clean and reliable water services. Our government is committed to working with communities of all sizes to ensure Albertans have the infrastructure we need to support growth.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“Our government is proud to support the quality of life for families in Mayerthorpe by helping to ensure access to safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible water and wastewater systems.”

Oneil Carlier, MLA for Whitecourt-Ste.Anne

“We’re pleased the province recognizes the importance of adequate and consistent high quality drinking water for Mayerthorpe residents. These funds will be used to improve our water infrastructure ensuring the sustainability of Mayerthorpe for today’s citizens and citizens of the future.”

Kate Patrick, Mayor of Mayerthorpe

Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership Grants

Well and Associated Works: up to $1,799,027

The Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership and the Alberta Water for Life program provide funds to municipalities with populations of less than 45,000 to help in the construction of municipal water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities. Funding is provided as a percentage of eligible approved project costs.

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