This release was issued under a previous government.

“During this transition period our focus has been on listening carefully to the briefing and advice we have been receiving from the public service, naming a Cabinet and making some decisions about the next session and budget. The briefing and advice has been going very well. Exactly as you would expect, we have been getting excellent information and advice from our professional public service. I’m very grateful for their hard work. And I’m very much looking forward to working with our public service team in the years ahead.”

Rachel Notley, Premier Designate

Premier Designate Notley announced that she and her 11 Cabinet Ministers will be sworn in on the Legislature grounds on Sunday, May 24 at 2 p.m. Government MLAs will be sworn in on June 1.

The new Cabinet will hold its first meeting in Calgary, on Wednesday May 27 and Thursday May 28.

Ms. Notley also announced that it is the intention that the Legislature will meet to elect a speaker on June 11. A Speech from the Throne will be delivered on June 15. The Government will ask the Legislature to approve an Interim Supply Bill to finance the operations of government until the fall.

“The people of Alberta have placed a great deal of trust in us and we will be working every day to earn that trust.”

Rachel Notley, Premier Designate