Alberta Open Farm Days

Registration to be a host is now easier thanks to an online registration form available at The application deadline for host farms is April 30.

“As a farmer, I know firsthand that there are many experiences out there that are worth sharing and that are interesting to visitors. Tourism can help strengthen and diversify Alberta’s economy, and by telling your story and participating in Alberta Open Farm Days, you are helping to build ag-tourism in the province.”

Maureen Kubinec, Minister of Culture and Tourism

The third annual Alberta Open Farm Days runs from August 22 to 23, and offers visitors a fun way to experience rural life. People can enjoy farm-to-table culinary events on the Saturday and free admission to farm tours across the province on the Sunday.

“Farmers feed cities, but few of us really know about the innovation and entrepreneurship behind Alberta’s producers and agricultural businesses. I encourage our agricultural community to participate in Open Farm Days to showcase how rural Alberta can grow its economy through traditional agriculture, ag-tourism and agriculture-based businesses.”

Verlyn Olson, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

“I believe events like this foster the opportunity for urban Albertans to get back on the land and see where their food comes from. That in turn has many positive social impacts.”

Takota Coen, Grass Roots Family Farm

Alberta Open Farm Days is a partnership with Ag for Life, Alberta Culture and Tourism, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies and Travel Alberta.

Alberta Open Farm Days 2014:

  • 61 host farms and 17 culinary events
  • Close to 7,000 visits
  • More than $40,000 in on-farm sales

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