This release was issued under a previous government.

During his mission, the Premier will discuss the importance of working with the province’s largest trading partner, Alberta’s record of responsible resource development, the province’s efforts to advance cleaner technologies for oil and gas production, and North America’s energy economy.

“Our government is focused on getting more Alberta oil to market, while at the same time finding new sales and investment opportunities for all Alberta goods and services – from agriculture and forestry to manufacturing and technology. I am looking forward to sharing Alberta’s continued good work on clean energy innovation and our plan for prudent fiscal management during challenging economic times.”

Premier Jim Prentice

While in the U.S., the Premier will meet with American legislators, Administration officials, and representatives from the banking, energy and environmental policy sectors. He also has speaking engagements at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Foreign Policy Association.

Minister Olson will be in Washington, D.C., to continue to advocate for changes to the U.S. government’s mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) requirements on imported meat such as beef and pork. While the World Trade Organization ruled last October that COOL is a violation of U.S. trade obligations, the decision is currently under appeal.

Minister Olson will meet with representatives of agriculture producers, food processors and industry associations opposed to COOL, as well as members of the U.S. Congress. 

International missions provide valuable opportunities to build on trade and investment relationships, which means more revenue to support the programs and services Albertans rely on.


Travel itineraries

Itinerary for Premier Prentice*



Saturday, Jan 31

Travel to Washington, D.C.

Sunday, Feb 1

Attend function hosted by Gary Doer, Ambassador of Canada to the U.S. 

Monday, Feb 2

Meet with international financial institutions

Meet with U.S. Administration officials

Meet with U.S. State Department officials

Attend Canadian American Business Council reception

Meet with members of Congress

Tuesday, Feb 3

Meet with members of Congress

Attend Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony for First Special Service Force, also known as the Devil’s Brigade (Albertans to be recognized)

Attend reception at the Canadian embassy

Wednesday, Feb 4

Meet with members of Congress

Keynote address at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Travel to Trenton, New Jersey 

Thursday, Feb 5

Meet with Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey

Travel to New York City, New York

Meet with private equity firm officials

Meet with investors and energy economists

Friday, Feb 6

Meet with financial sector representatives

Keynote address to the Foreign Policy Association 

Saturday, Feb 7

Private time at own expense

Sunday, Feb 8

Travel to Calgary, Alberta

Itinerary for Minister Olson*

Tuesday, Feb 3

Travel to Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, Feb 4

Meet with agriculture and food processing industry representatives 

Meet with members of Congress

Thursday, Feb 5

Meet with members of Congress

Meet with agriculture industry representatives

Travel to Edmonton, Alberta

The estimated cost for Premier Prentice and three members of his staff is approximately $23,000.*

The estimated cost for Minister Olson and one member of his staff is approximately $5,200.*

*Subject to change. 

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