He faces 16 charges under the Fair Trading Act and the Criminal Code of Canada, including fraud, theft under $5,000 and operating without the required licence to take money from consumers before work is finished.

Since 2011, Service Alberta has conducted several investigations involving Bursey, Lock-Out Security, Complete Security and other companies. The latest charges involve allegations he accepted deposits for installing residential roll-shutters, security locks, windows and doors without a Pre-Paid Contractor’s Licence and did little or no work after the pre-payment was received.

Prior to his arrest, Bursey was fined $3,500 on previous charges related to the Fair Trading Act. He was also ordered to return $5,632 to his victims.

He has been released on strict conditions including a ban on conducting pre-paid contracting work without holding the required licence.

Anyone who may have pre-paid Bursey for work that was not completed is asked to contact Service Alberta’s investigators at 403-297-5712. Consumers can also file complaints using Service Alberta’s Online Consumer Complaints Form.

Consumer Tips:

  • Service Alberta is reminding homeowners that any contractor who signs a contract other than in his or her place of business and requests money before completing home renovations must have a Pre-Paid Contractor’s Licence issued by the province.
  • There are a number of helpful home renovation tip sheets designed to help consumers protect themselves. In addition to getting written estimates and checking references, consumers should be wary of contractors who demand a large down payment to buy materials. Most reputable contractors maintain accounts with their suppliers.
  • Alberta is the only province to require a Pre-Paid Contractors Licence. A searchable list of licensed pre-paid contractors can be found on the Service Alberta website.  

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