This release was issued under a previous government.

The Accountability Act will be introduced in the fall sitting of the Legislature to ensure that the highest ethical standards and accountability measures prevail among those who serve Albertans.

“I promised Albertans that as Premier, I will change the way things are done in government. I have been clear on my commitment to end entitlements and restore public trust. One of the first actions I will take when we return to the Legislature will be to introduce legislation that strengthens our accountability to Albertans.”

Jim Prentice, Premier

The Prentice government will:

  • Strengthen conflict-of-interest guidelines for political staff
  • Extend the cooling off period for elected officials, political staff and senior civil servants
  • Eliminate sweetheart severance packages for political staff
  • Eliminate sole-source contracts - all contracts will be through a competitive bid process, or in extreme circumstances, a selection will be made from a prequalified vendor list
  • Introduce clear rules to enforce the distinction between registered lobbyists and government consultants; and
  • Present Alberta’s finances in a clear, consolidated format in a manner with which the Auditor General of Alberta accepts and agrees.

“It is an honour and a privilege to serve Albertans. But being worthy of that honour and privilege depends upon the public having confidence in our integrity as their servants in government. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this government, and a part of my team, will be held to the highest possible standards of public service. I will work hand-in-hand with the Ethics Commissioner to ensure we have the highest standard of accountability. Under my leadership, this government will be guided by respect for Albertans, for Alberta tax dollars, and for the honour of serving our great province.”

Jim Prentice, Premier