Gas Plus Inc./Handel Transport (Northern) Ltd. have consistently failed to remediate their north-west Calgary gas station site and the surrounding area to the remedial standards set by the province through an Environmental Protection Order. Contamination resulted from a significant release of gasoline from the formerly operating gas station in 2010.

In the interest of the public, the province will now exercise its authority to carry out the necessary work on and off-site under the terms of the Environmental Protection Order. This is expected to begin shortly, once access to the site and some off-site properties has been obtained from Gas Plus/Handel Transport and owners of other affected properties. This can be achieved through court proceedings, if required. Assessment of the contamination in the area is already underway by the department’s consultants. Updates will be provided to residents as work progresses.

The province is not taking ownership of the Gas Plus site. Gas Plus/Handel Transport, as the owners of the site and as the polluters, remain fully responsible for the release of the hydrocarbons, and are liable for all costs associated with the remediation.

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