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Alberta calls for more green transit projects

Municipalities can now open the door to expanded public transit options for Albertans by submitting new GreenTRIP applications. 

Artist rendering of the future Bethel Transit Terminal in Sherwood Park

The GreenTRIP funded Bethel Transit Terminal will move 5,000 people each day once it opens this summer

The second call for Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP) funding applications opened April 15, meaning municipalities can now apply for capital grant funding to support their new or evolving public transit projects. The deadline for receipt of applications is November 30.

“This is exciting news for both the province and municipalities. Every public transit project that goes forward helps to reduce traffic congestion and better connects our communities. Our government is excited to help fund some really innovative projects in the future.” 

Wayne Drysdale, Minister of Transportation

Albertans are already seeing the benefits of GreenTRIP through some previously approved transit projects in 15 municipalities, worth more than $1 billion. Just under $1 billion remains in the program and, with Budget 2014, is now available to municipalities throughout the province.

One GreenTRIP project currently underway is Strathcona County’s Bethel Transit Terminal, which also includes a 1,200-vehicle parking lot, a passenger pick-up/drop-off area and pedestrian/bicycle access. This expansion to the county’s transit system makes it easier for more residents to use public transit and helps promote the municipality as a vibrant place to live. To date, the county has received $10.6 million of the $13.6 million in GreenTRIP funding allocated for this project, which has a total project cost of $23 million. 

“The Bethel Transit Terminal will be one of the Capital Region’s largest bus terminals, moving about 5,000 people each day. This terminal allows our community to restructure its bus routes, improve inter-municipal and local transit services, and take cars off highways. The support of the province has helped make this all possible.”

Roxanne Carr, Mayor of Strathcona County

GreenTRIP helps provide Albertans with a wider range of sustainable and accessible public transit alternatives for local, regional and inter-municipal travel.

This second call, and the length of the application period, gives municipalities time to consider their local transit priorities and opportunities for regional collaboration. It may also allow those communities with plans in place to move ahead sooner than expected.

The $2 billion available through GreenTRIP has been allocated with $800 million (40 per cent) in reserve for the Capital Region, $800 million (40 per cent) for the Calgary Region, and $400 million (20 per cent) for other municipalities in the province.

Municipalities can apply for GreenTRIP funding to help purchase transit vehicles and technologies, build transit terminals and expand light rail transit services. GreenTRIP is a multi-year program that pays two-thirds of the estimated eligible project cost.

Applicants are required to contribute at least one-third of the capital cost of a project. GreenTRIP funding is allocated on a “pay-on-progress” basis. Albertans and municipalities are invited to learn more about GreenTRIP, its benefits and guidelines for application.

Under the Building Alberta Plan, our government is investing in families and communities, living within our means, and opening new markets for Alberta's resources to ensure we're able to fund the services Albertans told us matter most to them. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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