• Coal Valley Resources Inc. operates a coal mine and processing plant in Yellowhead County.
  • Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) inspected the mine’s wastewater handling facilities on three separate occasions in 2012, after reported non-compliances with their approval, and observations of turbid water in the Embarras River.
  • ESRD conducted further inspections in 2013, and provided the company with directions to better manage and monitor their mine wastewater in accordance with their approval.
  • Coal Valley Resources Inc. continues to be in non-compliance with ESRD’s directions and the terms of their approval.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

Coal Valley Resources Inc. must:

  • submit to the Director a written plan for managing and monitoring mine wastewater in accordance with the requirements set out in the order in order to achieve the outcomes in their approval;
  • implement the work set out in the plan in accordance with the schedule of implementation as approved by the Director;
  • submit a written monthly status report starting 30 days after the schedule of implementation for the plan has been approved by the Director. Each status report must include several requirements listed in the Enforcement Order.

Enforcement orders are issued to compel a regulated party to remedy a contravention of the legislation and, where appropriate, require actions to prevent future contraventions. They are one of many tools – including education and prevention – used by the Alberta government to ensure all Albertans can continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment. 

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