Incident details

  • Lansdowne Estates has been operating without an approval since their approval expired on October 1, 2011.
  • The facility treats groundwater that contains high levels of hydrogen sulfide. The presence of hydrogen sulfide prevents chlorine from being maintained at levels necessary for proper disinfection. This led to boil water advisories being issued on September 26, 2009, June 22, 2012, and most recently on August 28, 2013 for failed bacteriological test results. The boil water advisory remains in effect.
  • Alberta Health Services has expressed their concern that the source water supply may be under the influence of surface water and recommends that a hydrogeological assessment be conducted prior to lifting the boil water advisory.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

  • The order requires the named parties to:
    • stop diverting from groundwater wells;
    • haul water from an approved facility;
    • employ a certified operator;
    • operate the facility according to the limits and operating requirements specified;
    • submit a complete application for approval renewal; and
    • conduct a hydrological assessment to rule out any connection of wells to surface water.

Enforcement orders ensure that immediate action is taken to remedy a situation when it threatens the environment. They are one of many tools – including education and prevention – used by the Alberta government to ensure all Albertans can continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment. 

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