Salary, benefit and severance amounts for government employees with base salaries of more than $100,000 in 2012 and 2013 are now available online. Where applicable, an employee’s contract and termination agreement will also be posted.

“By sharing this information today, we’re further demonstrating our commitment to openness and accountability. We will continue to set new standards for information sharing just like we’ve done with our open data portal, whistleblower protections, and travel and expense disclosure requirements.”  

- Don Scott, Associate Minister of Accountability, Transparency and Transformation

In the future, compensation disclosure updates will be posted online in June and December. The salary base amount will be adjusted according to the annual change in the Alberta Consumer Price Index. Information posted on the site is generated directly from government financial systems.

When this policy was originally announced in December, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation called it “a big win for taxpayers,” and said that “Alberta’s new sunshine list is now the gold-standard example for other jurisdictions to follow.”

Agencies, boards and commissions are expected to adopt a similar policy for their organizations. Government will work with these organizations to help them meet the intent of the policy.

As announced in Budget 2013, the government is living within its means by challenging every dollar government spends through the results-based budgeting process and leading by example with an eight per cent MLA pay cut; a three-year management salary freeze, and a reduction in the number of public sector managers by 10 per cent over three years.

Under the Building Alberta Plan, our government is investing in families and communities, living within our means, and opening new markets for Alberta's resources to ensure we're able to fund the services Albertans told us matter most to them. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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