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Conviction under Public Lands Act results in reclamation order

A Calgary company and individual have been fined and ordered to complete reclamation work under a court order.

Gordon Morozoff and A Little Piece of Travers Inc. have been convicted of an offence under section 56 (1)(o) of the Public Lands Act for failing to comply with an enforcement order issued under section 59.1 of the Public Lands Act.

In addition to fines of $1,150 for Morozoff and $4,600 for the company, both parties were ordered to complete reclamation work as described in an enforcement order issued by Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

  • In 2009, government received a public complaint of equipment working near the shore of the Travers Reservoir, located on the Little Bow River.
  • An investigation determined that unauthorized work was occurring on Crown land and Mr. Morozoff was told to cease all activity because no approvals had been issued for the work.
  • Work continued on the Crown land; an enforcement order was issued in June 2010 requiring the submission of a reclamation plan.
  • No reclamation plan was provided to government.
  • A second enforcement order was issued to Mr. Morozoff and the company in June 2011; neither party complied with the order.

Those who do not comply with Alberta’s environmental laws and regulations are held responsible for the effects of their actions on the environment. Enforcement orders are issued to compel a regulated party to remedy a contravention and, where appropriate, require actions to prevent future contraventions. 

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