This release was issued under a previous government.

"Senior Officials from Alberta and British Columbia met today in Vancouver and we remain hopeful that common ground will be found between our two provinces on moving energy resources to new markets. Given the ongoing work between our provinces, the meeting between Premier Clark and I will be postponed.

Alberta understood that BC's five conditions were designed to ensure responsible energy production and safe transport to new markets. Alberta's firm belief is that meeting those conditions gives projects the social licence to proceed, as well as clear economic benefits for BC. They also could mitigate the risk of increased shipments through BC.

It is now clear that BC is seeking to negotiate additional benefits.  While it is clear what BC is asking for, it is not clear why they think that the Government of Alberta is the appropriate partner to negotiate this with.

If the Government of BC decides to place additional charges on industry, that go beyond the federal and provincial restrictions on responsible resource development, this is not something for the Government of Alberta to negotiate - it is for the Government of BC to negotiate directly with producers and industry. The Government of Alberta can assist in that regard and we are happy to do so. We look forward to continued constructive dialogue and to a productive resolution on these matters - for the benefit of Albertans, the people of British Columbia and all Canadians."