Incident details

  • Crew Energy Inc. constructed an active oil well in contravention of regulated setback limits that protect ferruginous hawk populations.
  • Provincial legislation prohibits high-risk developments within 1,000 metres of active nests to minimize danger to the birds and their offspring.
  • Alberta’s Enhanced Approval Process requires all companies to complete a wildlife survey prior to development – in this case, the survey was not comprehensive enough and did not identify the hawk nest on the site.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

  • The company’s Mineral Surface Lease at the site is cancelled; and
  • The company must submit a plan to Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to restore the site to its original condition and submit a final report when reclamation has been successfully completed.

Enforcement orders ensure that immediate action is taken to remedy a situation when it threatens the environment. They are one of many tools – including education and prevention – used by the Alberta government to ensure all Albertans can continue to enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

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