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Medicine Hat College site of emergency funding distribution

Pre-loaded debit cards for families evacuated as a result of the recent flood in Medicine Hat and area will be available at Medicine Hat College on July 4 and July 5.

“My commitment was to get help to all families affected by the flood as quickly as possible,” said Premier Alison Redford. “I am pleased to add pre-loaded debit card supports for the residents of Medicine Hat to help them get back on their feet.”

“Medicine Hat residents have shown their resolve and are pulling together as a community,” said Greg Weadick, Associate Minister of Regional Recovery and Reconstruction (south east region). “Together, we will rebuild the community and help those most affected.”

Individual qualifying adults will be eligible to receive $1,250 and children under 18 will be eligible for $500.

Evacuees should register with the Red Cross if they haven’t already done so. Once registered, evacuees should go to the pre-loaded debit card processing site at Medicine Hat College at 299 College Drive SE. The site will be open during the following dates and times:

Thursday, July 4 - 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday, July 5 - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Precautions are being taken at the debit card processing site to manage the hot weather conditions including distribution of water, availability of sun shelters, on-site first aid and accommodating as many people indoors as possible. The site is accessible to those with limited mobility.

Evacuees can receive a debit card if they:

  • were issued an evacuation order, and
  • declare their inability to return to their primary residence for a minimum of 7 days.

A primary applicant may bring photo ID, Social Insurance card, proof of relationships within the evacuated household, or proof of their main home address, including postal code to a processing site.

If an evacuee is unable to attend the debit card processing site in person, then a family member may attend on his or her behalf and sign a declaration of relationship to the evacuee. The family member must provide the evacuee’s proof of residency and registration documents.

Evacuees who do not have photo ID, proof of relationship, or proof of where they live may make a statutory declaration.

The pre-loaded debit card will allow for immediate cash withdrawals at ATMs, debit machines and internet purchases. Cash withdrawals are limited to $400 per transaction with no daily limit on the number of transactions. There are no fees associated with the pre-loaded debit cards, however bank-set service charges may be incurred for withdrawals at ATMs.

Comprehensive information on the pre-loaded debit cards can be found here.

For the latest information on flood recovery, click here or call 310-4455.

Affected low-income Albertans can also go to any Alberta Works office to get additional information and support through an emergency needs allowance. Alberta Works offices will not be offering pre-loaded debit card assistance at this time.

Media inquiries may be directed to:
Provincial Operations Centre
Government of Alberta

To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.