The company manages the operation of the River Stone Golf Course and Campground located northeast of Grande Prairie. On June 4, Government of Alberta representatives determined that a waterworks system servicing the campground was in contravention of both the Water Act and the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, as no licence was obtained for either the operation of the system or the withdrawal of the water used. Additionally, the waterworks system does not meet Alberta’s requirements and therefore poses a public health risk.

Under the Enforcement Order, the company’s director, Braden Rycroft, has been ordered to immediately stop operation of the waterworks, not permit any person to obtain water from either it or any other unauthorized source of water on the property and stop diverting water as a source for the waterworks system.

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans continue to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. When individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation, a number of options are available depending on the offence to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Orders are issued under Alberta's environmental legislation to ensure immediate action is taken to correct a situation.

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