As part of an ongoing investigation, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) staff noted that Citizens Power & Gas Ltd. and Lloyd Blimke, the developers, were operating a waterworks system that was not registered and did not comply with several sections of the Code of Practice for Waterworks Systems Using High Quality Groundwater. These contraventions put the quality of the drinking water at risk. In addition, the developers did not have in place the necessary authorizations to divert groundwater to the subdivision.

Under the enforcement order, Citizens Power & Gas Ltd. and Lloyd Blimke must make numerous changes to the waterworks system operations. The most significant changes are the requirements to retain a certified operator with a Small Water Systems certificate to conduct operation of the waterworks system and bring operation of the waterworks into accordance with the Code of Practice - including beginning water disinfection, establishing a sampling program and submitting the analytical data to ESRD. Other requirements under the order include:

  • conducting an assessment of the waterworks system by a qualified professional engineer;
  • submitting an application for registration under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act; and
  • submitting an application for a water licence under the Water Act.
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans continue to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. When individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation, a number of options are available depending on the offence to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Enforcement orders are issued under Alberta's environmental legislation to ensure immediate action is taken to correct a situation.

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