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Internet Savvy is an online course that focuses on a range of topics such as cyberbullying, social networking, online marketing to children and youth, gaming and sexual exploitation. It provides parents and caregivers with practical tools and tips to protect their children online.

“In today’s online society, with constant access to social media, it can be difficult for parents to know how to protect and support their children,” says Dave Hancock, Minister of Human Services. “Internet Savvy gives parents the tools to keep Alberta’s children safe from online predators.”

The resource was launched on Safer Internet Day, a worldwide event that promotes the positive use of the Internet among children and youth. This year’s theme ‘Online Rights and Responsibilities’ emphasizes the importance of caregivers connecting with children and teens to help them use the Internet safely.

According to a 2009 Statistics Canada report, Canadian youth are engaging in behaviours that may raise their risk of online sexual exploitation. In a 2011 Parents-Teens Internet Safety Report, 74 per cent of teens said that most of their peers do things online that they would not want their parents to know about. Potentially risky behaviours include sharing personal information, emailing or posting photos online, talking online with strangers, and visiting adult websites.

Internet Savvy can be accessed as a web-based tool or downloaded as a PowerPoint for group presentations. A facilitator’s guide with speaking notes and handouts is available to support group training.

For other helpful resources for adults, teens and children on safer Internet habits, visit Internet Safety.

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