This release was issued under a previous government.

“Premier Redford has been clear in her commitment to greater openness and transparency across government. We intend to deliver on the Premier’s promise.

“I am leading an initiative that will result in greater transparency on travel and expenses, with stricter reporting requirements for Cabinet Ministers, as well as executives in government and in agencies, boards and commissions.

I have asked Jill Clayton, Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, to collaborate with me in a review of models and best practices from other jurisdictions to bolster the transparency of our travel and expense reporting.

“In addition, recent events have called into question the rigor behind hiring practices at Alberta Health Services and the government. Therefore I will engage an external human resource firm to evaluate current hiring practices involving executive employment contracts. The firm will be selected in accordance with the government’s procurement policies and will work with AHS human resources and the Public Service Commissioner to recommend options for improvements to existing practices, where necessary.

“Albertans expect accountability on how their tax dollars are used, and the Premier has said the expenses of public officials must be held to the highest possible level of scrutiny. These actions will ensure the government delivers on this commitment.”


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